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                                  GENERAL TERMS
                                  AND CONDITIONS
                                  OF INSURANCE

                                  APPLICATION FORM

the financial loss
of your company resulting from
business interruption

the administrative penalties
imposed by UODO

the costs of forensic investigation
and data restoration experts, lawyers, crisis management, and public relations experts

the costs connected with decryption
and restoration of availability of your data

the data
restoration costs

the damages
you will be legally obliged to pay (for example to your clients whose data has been stolen)

How does it work?

Do I need this kind of protection? 


Our data are becoming more valuable than our material property.

Today, you can run almost any business wherever you are, your equipment is easy to be replaced.  It does not take much effort and time to buy or lease a new computer or mobile phone.  However, it is not so easy when it comes to restoring the lost data.

CYBER REAKT is classical insurance and assistance service in one.

If your company is hacked or your cybersecurity is breached in another way, we will pay your losses and provide experts who will help you in solving the problem.

You will find the contact with our hotline in your policy document.

The hotline staff will come back to you within one hour after receiving your notification about the incident and offer you first advise.  In the next step, they will take care of employing experts you will need.  Therefore you will not have to look for help on your own and take the risk of employing unproven vendors.

* For full information about the scope of cover see the general terms and conditions of insurance.

We will pay*:

When data become crucial new threats to the business appear.

The threat comes from hackers who act more and more as organized criminal organizations, but also from our employees’ errors.  Denial of access to data or software can stop us from running the business.  Data leakage may result in third party claims and high administrative penalties.  In case of an incident, it may be difficult to find cybersecurity experts to support us.

Traditional insurance cover material property, for example, buildings, vehicles, or equipment against traditional threats and perils: fire, flood, theft.  Cyber insurance protects your digital assets against threats arising from the digital revolution which can be as disastrous as fire or flood.

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